Why do Engineers From India need Skill Assessment before coming to Australia?

Why do Engineers From India need Skill Assessment before coming to

Skill Assessment for Australia is a program designed to help evaluate the skills of potential applicants and determine their eligibility for positions in the Australian workforce. The program assesses the skills, knowledge, qualifications, and work experience of individuals, helping to determine if they meet the requirements for certain roles. The assessment is also used for visa applications for those wishing to live and work in Australia.

Every year, EA assists thousands of engineers in and out of Australia in achieving their objectives. Skills assessment is a difficult process, but it is manageable with a few simple strategies. Remember to learn, gather information, conduct research, and seek assistance as needed.

Why is Skill Assessment Important for Engineers from India?

Skill assessment is an important part of the process for engineers looking to Migrate to Australia. It is a process used by the Australian Department of Home Affairs to assess an applicant’s technical skills and abilities, which helps them determine if the candidate is suitable to work in the Australian labor market. The skill assessment process is carried out by the relevant assessing body, such as Engineers Australia. The process includes a review of an applicant’s experience and qualifications against the relevant professional criteria. This ensures that the applicant meets the required standards of safety and competency as set out by the body.

The assessor will also take into account any competencies acquired through other means, such as vocational qualifications or experience gained in the workforce. The skill assessment is an important part of ensuring the Australian labor market has access to the best engineers from around the world. By carrying out a thorough and rigorous evaluation, employers can be sure that the engineers they hire are competent and qualified to carry out their roles.

It is also important for engineers to be aware of the standards required in Australia and the requirements for migration. The skill assessment process is designed to help ensure that engineers who plan to migrate to Australia have the skills and qualifications necessary to do so. This helps to ensure that the engineers are well-prepared to work safely and efficiently in the Australian labor market.

What Happens After Receiving Skill Assessment?

If your Skills Assessment is successful, you will receive a letter of approval in your email. You can use this document to apply for various types of permanent visas. It is important to remember that the successful skills assessment is only the first step; you still need to meet all other criteria such as the points test and any other eligibility requirements in order to be invited to apply for the visa.

Do Engineers From India Need Skills Assessment For A 457 Visa?

Applicants coming to Australia on a 457 visa are not required to take and pass a skills assessment before being able to migrate. However, if necessary, the applicant must show that they have the necessary skills for registration or licensing with an Australian state authority in order to perform the nominated position they are applying for. The 457 visa rules state that the applicant needs to be “suitable for any relevant licenses or registration needed for the designated role”. Nevertheless, there are no national laws in Australia governing the engineering profession and there is no requirement to become a member of a professional association to offer engineering services to the public. Engineers are generally not required to be registered or licensed prior to working as an Engineer in Australia.

What is the FAST TRACK assessment fee?

Assessment Type Minimum Fee (inclusive of GST)
Standard CDR AUD 862.40
Australian Engineering Qualification AUD 286.00
Washington / Sydney / Dublin Accord Qualification AUD 462.00


  • Skill assessment in the related engineering field according to the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO Code)
  • Three years or more of relevant professional experience in the related engineering field
  • A certified copy of the original, valid engineering degree
  • Certificate from a relevant professional body
  • Evidence of detailed work experience and records
  • Language proficiency test results in English
  • Demonstration of good moral character
  • Meeting the health requirements for immigration

Note: You must have received a positive skills assessment for your nominated occupation in order to submit a valid visa application. Apply for the appropriate type of skills assessment for permanent migration.

How to Apply for Skill Assessment?

  • Make sure you understand the specifics of your visa criteria as stated by the Department of Home Affairs before taking a skills assessment
  • Combine all papers for each qualification and employment into a single PDF document
  • Scan color documents in high resolution at least 300 dpi, with a maximum PDF upload size of 3 MB
  • Ensure PDF files are not encrypted or read-only
  • Enter your papers’ PDF files into the Online Application Form
  • Electronic papers, including digital signatures, must be verifiable

Ensure that your online application is comprehensive before submitting it so that it can be processed quickly; make sure to include all required documents.


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