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Career Episode Writing

Career Episode Writing

One of the most popular services that our clients’ demand is writing the career episode for Engineers Australia. This is one of the trickiest parts of the skill assessment. Even though the MSA booklet has all the needed information, it has failed to explain a lot of things, like what kind of project to select and what is to be avoided while writing down the career episode. Our professional writers, who have done their skill assessment themselves along with many years of experience, are easily able to understand and identify what is needed. In return, we are able to produce top CDR for engineers along with a positive assessment from Engineers Australia.

Career episodes are actually lengthy documents when we sit down to draft them. Each career episode should be in the range of 2000 to 2500 words, which is technical and personalized. Our professional CDR report writers will be in constant touch with you, which would be helpful in drafting proper career episodes.

How to write a career episode in CDR?

It’s highly essential to understand the importance of the career episode for engineers Australia in your CDR report. There are many considerations that make a stellar CDR, among which a career episode is a significant one. Through the career episode, Engineer Australia evaluates your capabilities, knowledge, and competency in the field. It basically includes three final projects from your final year, an internship, and job-related projects.

Purpose of career episode

The career episode represents your skills and knowledge, which act as the foundation of the selection procedure. Each and every aspect of a career episode for engineers Australia should depict the best project handled during your professional life, and distinct points should be included in your engineering activity.

Tips For Writing Career Episode For Engineers Australia

Thousands of applicants are disqualified every year just because they fail to follow the basic guidelines and requirements of Engineer Australia. It is one thing that the candidates should not ignore and follow every small guideline given.

1. The style of writing:

Remember that career episodes for EA are supposed to be written in first person and to stick with an active voice. It is to be written in English, with a minimum word count of 1500 and a maximum of 2500. The applicant should avoid including too many technical terms, and it should come off as an essay rather than a tabular form. One thing that we should not forget is numbering each paragraph in the career episode.

2. An illustration of engineering knowledge and skills:

Career episodes should include points about how you used your engineering intelligence and skills in handling problems. These problem-solving skills will help present your field skills and will be evaluated accordingly.

3. Emphasize on your personal role:

The company that you are aiming for is hiring you, not your team, so it is important to focus on how you will add value to their existing world. So, emphasize your personal role.

The format of a career episode Engineers Australia

A. Introduction

This part of the career episode consists of 100 words and acts as an opening to the specific episode. Some basic things included in this section are:

  1. Dates and duration of the career episode, when it all began and the date it ended.
  2. Name of the company/institute you gained your experience from.
  3. The location of the project where you completed it.
  4. Your position in the company/organization.

B. Background

It has a total word count of 200–500. It acts as the solid foundation of your work/study. It should include some of the information listed below.

  1. The nature of the project
  2. Objective of the project
  3. The nature of the work area focused
  4. Position in the project hierarchy
  5. Statement of your duties in relation to the project

C. Summary

This is the last part of a career episode, where all the details given before are concluded. It comprises 50–100 words.

An overview of the whole career episode

  1. The accomplishment of the project
  2. Summary of your roles and responsibilities in the project

We also promote writing career episodes for yourself if you want to attempt it yourself. We at CDR Report Writer can prepare the first career episode for you and the rest. You can use the work as reference and draft the other two remaining career episodes for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


A Career Episode is required to demonstrate your abilities you have as an engineer to the assessor. It exhibits your engineering aptitude, knowledge, and competence. Three career episodes are required to be prepared, which include 3 project cases and elements of your engineering career.

The projects can be any three from the following list:

  1. Academics
  2. From your work experience
  3. Internship
  4. Workshop attended

Keep the following points in mind if you wish to get started:

  • Ensure that it is within the word limit of 1000–2500 words.
  • Keep your explanation to the point. Only mention important information as required.
  • Avoid adding unnecessary content.
  • Focus on your engineering work done during the project inclusion.