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Pricing Plan

We offer a variety of writing services, including CDR, RPL, KA02, and much more, at an affordable price. The clear chart below shows the specific pricing for our services based on the level of urgency needed. The prices are all in AUD $.

CDR Services 15 Days 10 Days 7 Days Royal Package
Complete CDR Writing 3 Career episode, 1 summary statement and 1 CPD $699 $899 $999 $1500
Career Episodes Writing $200 $250 $300
Summary Statement Writing $80 $150 $200
CDR Review 15 Days 10 Days 7 Days
CDR Editing & Proofreading $300 $400 $500
CDR Proofreading $120 $150 $180
CDR Plagiarism Check Removal *Depending upon plag % $80 $150 $210
Project plag Check & Removal $100 $150 $180
Chartered Engineer Stage 2 15 Days 10 Days 7 Days
Complete CDR Writing $1500 $2500 $3500
Eng. Competency Claims $120 $150 $180
Other Services Price
CDR Plagiarism Check $90
Project Plagiarism Check $90
Project Arrangement $500
Resume Writing $90
Explanation Letter Writing $100
Documents upload on EA Portal $180


Provide us with a few brief details to get the best pricing plan options for your CDR.

How It Works

We are known as one of the best CDR Report Writers in Australia


Submit Your Requirements

Simply fill out the form carefully or contact us to submit your request. To discuss your issue, one of our skilled team of Engineers and Writers will be assigned to you.


We Send you Draft Copy

We send you a draft copy of your CDR Report after we finish it for revision and verification. You must specify the adjustments you want us to make to the report.

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Make Partial Payment

Once everything has been discussed and agreed upon with our CDR writers/professionals. To begin working, you must make a partial payment. Payment for your order must be made using PayPal, a credit card, a debit card, or online banking.


We Complete your CDR Report

We make the adjustments you requested and finish your CDR Report. We offer you a draft copy of the final report in case you need to make changes to your CDR Report, along with Turnitin (plagiarism-free report). We finalize your CDR report and submit it to you once you are happy.