Concerned with Summary Statement Engineers Australia?

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Summary Statement Writing

Summary Statement Writing

The summary statement can be one of the easiest or one of the hardest sections in the CDR Report. The format of the summary statement engineers Australia would already be provided in the MSA booklet, but most of the clients get confused on how to accommodate all the 3 career episodes (CE) information in the summary statement. A summary statement is a special tool that includes a brief explanation of the three career episodes that are included by the candidate in the CDR report.

An ideal tabular format is provided to be followed while writing the summary statement for Engineers Australia. A summary statement has to be precise and should include all the elements of competency, which is the major reason many candidates fumble while creating one. It is one of the major criteria to be fulfilled in order to migrate to Australia, making it of utmost importance to be perfect in the best way possible.

Taking professional help reduces the risk of getting it wrong. We need to cross-reference paragraphs from the CE to the summary statement. As the name implies, it’s the summary of all the statements that have been explained. Our professional CDR report writers will help you with the summary statement writing in no time, without any stress. While working on the summary statement engineers Australia, we will be able to point out any issues or gaps in the CE and recommend how it could be made better.

Let's understand what a Summary Statement is!

The Summary statement is a mandatory document in the CDR report that includes three career episodes where the candidate explains the correct number of competencies, elements, and units that are best suited to the requirements laid down by Engineer Australia.

What are the important elements to be mentioned?

  • Knowledge related to the engineering field.
  • In what ways will you utilize your engineering skills!
  • Your personal and professional qualities.

Preparing a Summary Statement for Engineers Australia

PE1 Knowledge and Skill base

This part includes the knowledge and skills that you have acquired in your engineering field and how you have applied that expertise to real world problems. Conceptual understanding of mathematics, computer science, stats, and numerical analysis is also to be mentioned here.

PE2 Engineering application ability

This is the most important part of the summary statement for engineers Australia; it includes your abilities and skills as an engineer. This section tests your potential for complex problem solving, designing skills, fluency in the application of engineering techniques, and utilization skills of various tools and resources. Your points should speak for themselves about your engineering skillfulness.

PE3 Personal and Professional attributes

This section is to show your competence at both personal and professional levels. It is given to highlight your skills in communication, leadership capability, your ethical conduct, your professional demeanor and many more attributes. Overall, each section should be filled precisely, keeping the CEs in mind. As this can be make or break for the candidates.

Why do you need a professional to complete your summary statement?

Writing an authentic and professional looking summary statement is not an easy task. It is quintessential that all elements of the career episode engineers Australia are written in the proper manner, where the given format is followed. Proper guidance can help you understand whether all the competencies are addressed or missed. If you want any further explanation on each element of the CEs, you can fill up the form given below. We have helped thousands of candidates prepare authentic and professional summary statements for Engineers Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


A summary statement is a document that is simply one page long and is based on the three careers that you submitted to Engineers Australia. It incorporates competency components that you have claimed and shows how and where you have been employed and achieved those elements throughout your career episodes.

There are mostly four categories from which you can make the summary statement.

  • Professional Engineer
  • Engineering Technologist
  • Engineering Associate
  • Engineering Manager

A professional summary statement, also known as a resume summary, is a brief overview of your experience, traits, and skills included at the beginning of your resume. It is not to be confused with the summary statement, which is connected to CDR.