SkillSelect EOI in Skilled Migration

SkilledSelect EOI

What is SkillSelect EOI in Skilled Migration?

SkillSelect EOI (Expression of Interest) is an online system the Australian government uses to manage applications for skilled migration visas. It is the first step for skilled workers who want to migrate to Australia to express their interest in obtaining a visa. CDR Report is linked with an applicant's EOI, and a well-prepared CDR can increase an applicant's chances of receiving an invitation to apply for a skilled migration visa.

Once submitted, an EOI stays in the SkillSelect database for up to two years. If an applicant's score is high enough and meets other visa requirements, they may receive an invitation to apply for a skilled migration visa. The invitation is based on the applicant's ranking in the SkillSelect pool and the number of places available for the relevant occupation or visa subclass.

Note that:

To be considered for the EOI selection pool, your business concept must receive a minimum score of 37 out of 74 points, equivalent to 50%. The EOI selection pool is a group of eligible candidates who have achieved the minimum qualifying score. The decision to invite to apply (ITA) will be based on your rank within the EOI selection pool. Therefore, the higher your score, the better your chances of receiving an ITA.

What are the steps for preparing for EOI Skillselect?

Create an EOI in SkillSelect

To create an account, provide personal information such as:

  • Name
  • Birth date
  • Birthplace
  • Gender
  • Citizenship
  • Relationship status
  • Current residence


To register, submit the EOI and password and complete each section. You can save your application for future modifications.

Choose visa type

Select the appropriate visa type for your skilled employment. Choose carefully, as selecting the incorrect visa may lead to negative consequences. You may choose multiple visa types if it is beneficial to your situation.

English language test

If required, provide proof of your English language test. This is necessary to meet the English language requirements. Supply details such as test date, reference number, and score.

Education and skill information

Provide accurate information about your educational background and qualifications, including the title of each qualification, name of the course, name of the institution, location, and study start and end dates.

Skill assessment

Provide evidence of the skills required for your occupation, including detailed job descriptions, the name of the assessing organization, and the date of skill assessment completion.

Work experience

For employer nomination, provide all relevant information about your employment, including the position, employer's name, country of work, start and end dates, and how it relates to your chosen profession.

Review and declare

Carefully review your application and verify each statement. Make corrections if necessary, and review your application again before submitting it.

Obtain a copy of the EOI

Once submitted, SkillSelect will notify you that your EOI has been registered. You can download it as a PDF document.

Submitting your EOI Application

When you receive an invitation to apply for a visa, it's crucial to take note of the 60-day time frame to lodge your visa application online through SkillSelect. After 60 days, your application will be deemed invalid.

It's important to note that providing false or misleading information in your Expression of Interest (EOI) can lead to serious consequences. According to the Public Interest Criterion (PIC) 4020 in Schedule 4 of the Regulations, providing false or misleading information can result in a three-year ban on a visa grant. You can contact us for more information regarding this topic.

Although the policy doesn't explicitly state that it covers information provided in an EOI, the Department has hinted that visa applications relying on misleading or false information in the EOI may be refused.

Processing of EOI For Independent and Family-Sponsored Applicants

The Department of Immigration reviews the Expression of Interest (EOIs) of Independent and Family Sponsored Applicants for skilled points-tested migration every two weeks. They select the best candidates based on their points score, determined by their work experience, English proficiency, and qualifications. The selection process follows a quota system for each occupational group, and those with higher points scores are more likely to receive an invitation to apply.

Processing of EOIs – State Nominated Applicants

To be nominated by a state or territory government for skilled migration, you must submit your EOI. If the nomination is successful, you will likely receive an invitation from SkillSelect, but only if you meet the minimum points score of 65 for Skilled Points Tested applicants. Unlike other categories, state-nominated applicants do not have to worry about occupational ceilings, but there may be internal quotas for each occupation set by the state or territory.

Components Of EOI

Component Maximum Points
Self-declared score 126
Business concept score 74
Total EOI score 200
Minimum business concept score 37
EOI selection pool criteria Stream criteria must be or will be satisfied.
ITA issuance Based on EOI rank in selection pool, only top ranked candidates are invited to apply.

Reasons to Update Your Expression of Interest (EOI)

Reasons to Update EOI

New Work Experience

Updating your EOI with the new information is essential if you have gained new work experience since submitting your EOI. This may increase your chances of being invited to apply for a visa.

Higher Education Qualification

If you have obtained a higher education qualification since submitting your EOI, updating it can increase your eligibility for certain visa categories.

Improved English Language Proficiency

If you have improved your English proficiency, updating your EOI can help you demonstrate your language skills and increase your chances of receiving an invitation to apply for a visa.

New Skills Assessment

If you have obtained a new skills assessment, updating your EOI is necessary to reflect your latest qualifications and increase your chances of receiving an invitation to apply for a visa.

Change in Family Composition

If your family composition has changed since submitting your EOI, updating it with the new information is important. This can affect your eligibility for certain visa categories, and failing to update your EOI may lead to visa application rejection or delay.

How Can We Help You?

In conclusion, despite the rigorous procedures involved in Australian migration, the number of skilled professionals immigrating to the country continues to rise. Aspiring immigrants must ensure that their CDR and RPL reports are high quality and submitted promptly. This is where CDR Report Writers come in, as we have a team of experts who can help you prepare a special report that the authorities will accept. If you need any report, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are committed to providing the best service and ensuring your successful migration to Australia.