Engineers Australia Assessment Outcome Letter

Skill Assessment Outcome Letter from Engineers Australia

After you complete your skill assessment, you will be provided with an outcome letter through your email by Engineers Australia. It can also be sent to your migration agent if you have applied through them. Whereas, for the letter that cannot be issued electronically, it will be sent by ordinary post, and there may be a fee for this service. The outcome letters can be verified online by entering the application details on the Assessment Outcome Verification page. Before diving into the skill assessment outcome, which can be both positive or negative, it is important to understand the entire process.

How Long Does Skill Assessment Outcome Take?

Generally, Skill Assessment Processing Time might take around 12 weeks to get your assessment outcome. It can also be early or sometimes even late. You can check your application from the EA portal time and again. If you have applied through any migration agent, then have regular communication with them and ask for regular updates about your application.

What Are Included In Your Skill Assessment Outcome Letter?

ACS Skills Assessment Outcome Letters

The letter should be written in a clear and concise manner and include the following components:

1. Introduction

The letter should begin with an introduction that provides basic information about the assessment, including the purpose, scope, and duration of the assessment.

2. Overview of Skills Assessed

The letter should provide an overview of the skills that were assessed, including the specific tasks and activities that were evaluated.

3. Assessment Methodology

The letter should explain the methodology used to assess the skills, including any tests, interviews, or observations that were conducted.

4. Results

The letter should summarize the results of the assessment, including any strengths and weaknesses identified in the individual's skillset.

5. Analysis

The letter should provide an analysis of the results, explaining what the results mean in the context of the individual's career or educational goals.

6. Conclusion

The letter should conclude with a summary of the individual's overall skill level and potential for growth and development.

7. Recommendations

The letter may also include recommendations for further development or training, depending on the specific purpose of the assessment.

Steps To Follow While Applying For Skill Assessment

1. Qualification

Your qualification plays a key role in your assessment result. Your qualifications should be accredited. If you have completed your qualifications within Australia, you may be eligible to apply through the Australian qualifications pathway.

2. Occupation

There are certain occupational categories that are recognized by Engineers Australia, and you need to work in one of these categories. They are:

  • Professional engineer
  • Engineering associate
  • Engineering manager
  • Engineering technologist

3. Choose Your Assessment Pathway

If you have an accredited qualification, then there are four pathways available for you. They are:

  • Australian qualification (applicable if ASQA recognizes an Australian associate degree or advanced diploma)
  • Washington Accord ( applicable for French qualification)
  • Dublin Accord
  • Sydney Accord

There will be 31 engineering occupations in the CDR pathway. You can choose the one that suits your qualifications and background.

Here Are Some Documents Required for CDR Approval:

Applying Online For The Skill Assessment

First, you need to get yourself an ID number by registering at the Engineers Australia forum. Your membership number and ID number will be the same. You can submit the application through the portal, and you will also be notified after your application is successfully submitted.

There are also certain documents you need to submit through the portal. If your documents are not in English, they should be translated. These can include:

  • Passport (identity page only)
  • Proof of change of name (if applicable)
  • Evidence you hold an approved diploma or higher level qualification (if applicable)
  • Official academic transcript
  • Proof of English language proficiency
  • Employer Reference Letter for all employment experience
  • Work Experience Letter
  • Applicant Declaration and Consent Form
  • Authorised Representative Declaration and Consent Form

Skill Assessment Outcome Letter Verification

Your assessment shows the skills you have mentioned in the Competency Demonstration Report (CDR Report). By visiting the Assessment Outcome Verification page, you can check your outcome. Third parties, such as the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), can view your outcome if you fill out the required fields on the outcome verification page. This will give them access to your assessment date, occupation category, and a copy of your outcome letter. DIBP case officers have password-protected access to additional information about your application.

You should know that the recommendation in the outcome letter is based on the truth of the charges and evidence. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection calculates your points based on the skilled migration points test. Your qualifications must be up to the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) level to be eligible for the General Skilled Migration points test. To ensure that your employment is included in the result letter, you must also pay for and apply for the Relevant Skilled Employment assessment.

What Happens If You Get Rejected?

You can also request for review of your assessment. This is only possible after you have crossed three months of receiving your outcome. Your review will be done by an independent assessor. You will receive the outcome of the review through your email. You are able to lodge an appeal if you are not satisfied with your result. An appeal should be lodged within six months after you have received your outcome.

There could be many factors or reasons behind your CDR Rejection. If plagiarism is discovered or the guidelines are not followed correctly, your application will be rejected. You won't be able to submit your application for the next twelve months. But you will also have the option of requesting an informal review of your application. You can provide additional information and evidence to support your case during the appeals process. Following the completion of the CDR Review, a decision will be made regarding your eligibility to reapply after the 12-month period. If the review is positive, the ban will be lifted and you will be able to reapply.

Submission of Three Original Project Report To Get It Approved Again

This letter is to inform you whether Engineer Australia has approved or rejected your CDR report. Your skills, experience, and other data have been verified by the assessor, and it meets the current requirements for the applied occupation. To be approved, you must also pass the General Skilled Migration (GSM) points test. Relevant Skilled Employment, a separate service, may be paid for separately and will be noted in the outcome letter. This additional service can provide additional confirmation to assessors that the rules have been followed.

How Can We Help You?

If you have any questions or queries about the Migration Skills Assessment Process, please do not hesitate to contact us at CDR Report Writer. We make it a priority to ensure that every report we prepare is genuine and accepted by the EA on the first try. We create Competency Demonstration Reports, Recognition of Prior Learning Reports (RPL Reports), Summary Statements, and Career Episode Writings as part of our writing services. We carefully follow each regulation to ensure that your assessment is successful because we are well-versed in the EA guidelines. We also have numerous packages available with services that meet your budget.