CDR Report Sample for Electrical Engineers

CDR Report Sample for Electrical Engineers

A Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) is a customized written document used to assess an engineer’s competency based on their skills in the respective field. It is the document that Engineers Australia requires for approval. As a result, an applicant must write a flawless CDR report.

Electrical Engineers who wish to continue their postgraduate studies in Australia should submit a well-written Competency Demonstrations Report (CDR Report) to EA.Engineers Australia (EA), will then carefully review the submitted reports before approving them. The CDR for an Electrical Engineer differs from that of an engineer. Migrant Engineers should write the CDR with a focused mindset and double-check the final competency report before submitting it to EA. Electrical Engineers from other countries who want to advance their careers in Australia must go through a CDR assessment by EA in order to be selected for the employment code: Electrical Engineer ANZSCO 233311.

The CDR Sample for Electrical Engineer includes all of the required reports, including Three Career Episodes, Continuing Professional Development (CPD writing), Curriculum Vitae, and a Summary Statement.

ANZSCO Code for Electrical Engineer: 233311

The main task of the Electrical Engineer is to design, develop, and oversee the production, installation, use, and upkeep of machinery for the production, distribution, management, and control of electrical power. A license or registration may be required to be claimed as an electrical engineer.

Skill Level: 1


  • Electrical Design Engineer
  • Railway Signaling Engineer
  • Signaling and Communications Engineer

Visa Provision

Since the occupation is listed on the MLTSSL List as an occupation in demand in Australia, it is possible to apply for any of the GSM Program’s visas. Visas offered in this category are the Skilled Independent Subclass 189, Skilled Nominated Subclass 190, and Skilled Work Regional Subclass 491. You can also apply for a number of employer-sponsored visas if you have a firm job offer.

Tasks Include

  • Planning and designing power plants and other power generation machinery
  • choosing the right circuits, transformers, circuit breakers, transmission lines, and other equipment
  • developing products like electric motors, parts, tools, and appliances
  • scheduling the delivery and installation of equipment, switchgear, cables, and fittings
  • control over the operation and upkeep of industrial plants, transmission and distribution systems, and power plants
  • terpreting regulations, standards, and drawings pertaining to the use of electric power equipment

Do Electrical Engineers have to submit a descriptive CDR?

Writing CDR for Electrical Engineers is very technical. When users explore the website, they will learn the most recent information about electrical engineer Anzsco. It is crucial to be aware that the ANZSCO Code 233311 for Electrical Engineer was assigned to supervise students who intend to continue their education or careers in Australia. For admission or employment under code 233311, students must meet specific requirements for CDR Report for Electrical Engineers.

The students must have completed 12 years of education, four of which were spent taking engineering courses, as well as have experience working on engineering projects. Obtaining approval and admission will be a simple process if they have complied with all the requirements listed above and earned the highest scores on their IELTS, TOEFL, and English language exams. Students can download the most recent version of the MSA booklet from this website if they haven’t heard of it. The entire information regarding the admissions process and the EA’s expectations will be contained in this booklet.

Sample CDR Report for Electrical Engineer

The competency demonstration report sample for electrical engineers contains a summary statement, three career episodes, and information on continuing professional development.

The following is the content of the electrical engineer CDR report sample:

Curriculum Vitae

A well-written Curriculum Vitae with a straightforward summary of educational background, professional experience, accomplishments, goals, and certifications will impress Engineers Australia. If you need help, we can walk you through the process of writing a professional resume.

Continuing Professional Development

The (Continuing Professional Development) CPD Sample clearly explains the author’s Engineering Knowledge. Informing your EA assessors about recent developments in your engineering career can be termed as continuing professional development. CPD will consider all of the knowledge and skills you’ve gained throughout your academic career. All of your approaches, theories, and plans for professional growth in engineering are connected by CPD.

Electrical Engineer Career Episode Report: Sample 1

Project Name: Mathematical Modelling and Design of Integrated Graphics Controller (IGC)

In his first professional chapter, the author discusses the project he completed to partially fulfill his bachelor’s degree in electrical and electronic engineering (Power and Control).The project’s title was “Mathematical Modeling and Design of Integrated Graphics Controller”. The following was the author’s responsibility:

  • To choose the appropriate components required for the IGC system
  • To create the schematic block diagram for the system
  • To assemble the various parts in accordance with the block diagram
  • To contrast the IGC system created in the lab with IGC systems that are offered for sale
  • To assess the fictitious IGC system’s performance

Electrical Engineer Career Episode Report: Sample 2

Project Name: System design for a hybrid PV and wind generator

The author discusses the engineering knowledge and techniques he employed in his project for the Masters in Power System and its Automation in the second Career Episode. In the project “System design for a hybrid PV and wind generator,” his tasks and responsibilities included:

  • To put together a variety of hardware and software components for the project’s design and simulation.
  • To create the PV system model and simulate it
  • To construct and model a wind turbine system
  • Utilize and care for a battery for energy storage
  • To create a PV system with a PI controller
  • To plan an experimental setup and evaluate the functionality of the constructed hybrid system

Electrical Engineer Career Episode Report: Sample 3

Project Name: Robotic Arm with Wireless Pick and Place

The author describes the engineering techniques he applied to the project he worked on as a senior student in the third Career Episode. His responsibilities and tasks for the “Robotic Arm with Wireless Pick and Place” project were as follows:

  • To carry out a survey on the robotic arm’s components, programming techniques, etc.
  • To carry out a survey on the robotic arm’s components, programming techniques, etc.
  • To create a suitable microcontroller interface circuit for the RF unit and PC
  • To create and construct the project’s mechanical component
  • To perform a cost analysis of the project’s components and labor cost

Electrical Engineer Summary Statement Sample

1120 words are needed to fully describe every aspect of competence. The Summary Statement highlights both your managerial skills and your key engineering abilities. Your summary statement should be written in an approachable manner for your EA assessor. There are three required career episodes that demonstrate the applicant’s engineering activities. To ensure that you have addressed all of the competency components for the selected occupational category, you must evaluate all three of the career episode’s parts after completion.


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