Resume For Engineers Australia

Resume For Engineers Australia

Are you an experienced engineer who wants to Migrate to Australia? Well, let me tell you, having a top-notch engineering professional resume is crucial for the skilled migration process. Engineers Australia requires a well-written engineering professional resume that highlights your academic and work history, as well as demonstrates your engineering skills through real-world examples.

The resume is a document that's designed to showcase your skills to your potential employers, consider your resume as your personal marketing tool that highlights your best points. Your resume should be structured in such a way that it shows your skills and qualities are more than enough for the job you are applying for.

Here, the effective way to write an engineering resume is explained briefly, Resume sample is provided through which you can get a general idea regarding how to write your resume for achieving skilled migration to Australia. At CDR Report Writer, we offer top-quality services to help you achieve your goals. Let us assist you in reaching your full potential!

Firstly let's discuss the criteria and guidelines to write a good resume. Here is the general requirement that a resume should contain.

- Length of the Resume:

It should be somewhere between 3 to 5 pages. Anything more than 5 pages will be considered too far-fetched and less than 3 pages might be considered inadequate.

- Font Type:

The font size should be 11 or 12. Anything less is too small and more is too big for your resume. Refrain from using any kind of typefaces they don't seem to scan well and tend to take longer time to print in comparison to simply written resumes.

- Clarity:

Bullet points help to make your resume look neat and tidy and easily readable as well. Try to be generous while giving space, and don't try to force as much information as you can on the same page. It will make it harder for the interviewer to take all the information at once, so try to keep just enough information per page.

- Work Experience:

Anything within the 10-year margin can be included as work experience but to include anything that crosses the 10-year margin is irrelevant as it might just take space in your resume. However, excluding anything within the 10-year margin might make it awkward, and might be seen as a gap and you might need to explain that during your interview so, avoid that mistake.

- Work Interests and Hobbies:

Try to mention your interests and hobbies, it reflects your personality and gives an insight into you as a person rather than just your technical background.

- Language:

Your resume cannot have any kinds of grammatical or spelling mistakes as it might come off as carelessness. Keep your choice of words very simple and avoid initials, jargon, urban slang, or anything that might confuse the assessor about your resume.

- Other Details:

Do not try to be economical while preparing your resume, always use good-quality papers and if you are emailing, try to keep your file type very simple/common such as PDF or MS Word. Using complex file types might make it difficult for the assessor to open your resume and might go unread. For more details, please feel free to contact us.

Now, the standard information that you need to include in your resume:

1. Name and contact details

At the very top of your resume you are supposed to write your personal details and information using which the assessor can contact you for further notice. Here are some of the things that you must add in the personal details section

  • FullName(which is on your citizenship card)
  • E-Mail Address(which you have access to)
  • Contact number(which you carry in your cell)
  • Current Address(Add your temporary location near the company if your permanent residence of too far away)

2. Academic Qualifications

The assessor is required to have knowledge of your academic qualifications and the details of your academic institution are not mandatory, still it's recommended to include it but you must mention the level of your degrees. List your qualifications in reverse chronological order

  • Degree details
  • Name of the institution
  • Graduated year

Professional Summary/ Work experience in Details

Write two or three sentences of professional summary that attracts assessor focus which include your work experience, current job title and how you can help the employer and his organization for the better. You might add some outstanding accomplishments if you believe it's worth mentioning.

Below your professional summary, you write about your work experiences in detail, and in that section, you should include the following:

4. Skills

You should mention your skills according to the job position you are applying for, it increases your chance of getting to the interview. Highlighting your skills relevant to the role you are applying for can help an employer easily see whether your skill set matches the requirement of the vacant position. Include the mix of hard and soft skills that are relevant to the applied position so that they find you suitable for the position.

5. Additional information

Including the academic qualifications and mentioning only work experience statements might make you look a bit robot or more so a person with no personality or life. So in order to add some personality to your resume list the following things.

  • Hobbies
  • Favorite sports
  • Personal achievements

6. References

Mentioning the reference gives your resume a certain level of legitimacy as the employer gets the option of confirming the information that you have mentioned in your resume. Otherwise, you could simply include a statement that references are available on request. However, if you are including the referees and their contact details, make sure to give them a heads up first just so they don't sound surprised when the employers actually call them and it will also give them time to go through your documents to put in some good words for you.

Example of a project engineer's resume

You can study the below-given example of a project engineer resume which might help you write and format a resume for a project engineer job.

Andrew Garfield

Fremanroe, EA | 0463 297 453 |

Professional Summary

Senior project engineer with over 7 years of practical experience setting goals and managing projects. committed to enhancing compliance, quality, and efficiency in the mining sector.

Work Experience

Senior project engineer

Interscope Resources, Kalgoorlie, WA 2020-current

  • Plan and design the scope for each mining project the company will undertake.
  • Track team output and inform the projects and infrastructure supervisor on the findings.
  • Perform evaluations of the mining sites' designs and risk assessments.
  • Examine engineering drawings to confirm adherence to requirements for safety and the environment.
  • Develop project budgets with site expenses down by around 10% since taking on the position.

Project engineer

ExploreTech Ltd, Gwalia, WA 2017-2020

  • Involved in the planning and execution of projects involving water and mills.
  • Evaluated the budgets and found areas for improvement.
  • Identified and escalated possible dangers while creating monthly water and tailings reports.


Master of Engineering

Eastern Australian University

Bachelor of Engineering (Civil Engineering) (Honours)

Eastern Australian University

Eastern Australian Certificate of Education

Borelake High School

Awards and Achievements

2020 Published feature articles in 'Mining News Today

  • Spotlight on new technologies making mining greener
  • The role of robotics in modern mining
  • Responsible mining in the 21st century

2016 Joined the National Engineering Register (NER)

2015 Became a member of Engineers Australia

2010 Royal Life Saving Bravery Award

  • Awarded for saving and administering CPR to a small kid who had become trapped in a rip

2008 State Debating Champion

  • the second speaker for the title-winning Borelake High School team
  • Key Skills

    Data analysis, contract management, written communication, verbal communication, Microsoft Project, teamwork, problem-solving, organization

    Hobbies and interests

    Surf life saving, Swimming, Monopoly, pub trivia


    Available on request

    Important Components to make a strong resume for Engineers Australia

    Important Components to make a strong resume for Engineers Australia

    Here are some of the important components for making a strong resume for engineers in Australia

    Rearrange your resume for each role's requirements

    Different companies demand different requirements for different jobs and the requirements vary in a different company for the same job position hence, one resume is not enough to apply for multiple positions at multiple places. And applying at one place at one time is nothing but madness. Customizing your document every time you apply for the job as per the requirements of the company that you are applying for is key because making a new CV every time you apply at a new place shall be considered madness as well. Meeting all the job requirements makes you a suitable candidate and can get you through the applicant tracking system.

    Add statistics

    Statistics always speak louder than words and it's very intriguing to employers because they are unique to you and your performance. Your stats will display your value which can compel employers to at least call you for an interview.

    Keep your document clean with a clear format

    The resume document should have a very clear format with clean information which helps the assessor to go through it smoothly. Choose a basic fonts settings that is considered standard i.e. Arial/Calibri with 10 to 12 font size. These standard settings make your document look professional and ensure your texts are large enough to read while consuming just the right amount of space on each page. Entry-level Engineers can make a one-page resume, it is considered appropriate but if you are applying for some senior role then you might as well stretch it out to a 2-page resume.

    Save your resume as a PDF

    If you have ever written a report or anything during your academic years or while you were working then you should know that saving the file in PDF format is the best way to save a file, as it maintains your format as you saved it, regardless of what device the employer opens it on.


    To sum up, creating a resume that meets the standards set by Engineers Australia may present difficulties, but it is crucial to exhibit your abilities, experiences, and successes in a manner that emphasizes your competency and suitability for the engineering profession in Australia. It is essential to personalize your resume to the particular job and utilize language that is clear and concise.We provide various services including ACS RPL Report Writing, CDR Report Writing, Summary Statement Writing and so on along with this. Our services provide assistance with tailoring your resume to the job requirements and highlighting your education, professional experience, and technical skills. Additionally, we can help you showcase any notable accomplishments or achievements that may improve your chances of securing an engineering job in Australia.