NER Work Experience Statement for Australia

NER Work Experiences Statement for Australia

NER stands for National Engineering Register which has been maintained by Engineers Australia. NER has become a medium for applicants to demonstrate their qualifications and skills. It allows the applicant to show their engineering competency. However, to achieve this engineers need to show a work experience statement.

NER registrants must confirm the following eligibility criteria:

  • Relevant Qualification: Engineers should have a proper academic degree that is valid.
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) CPD should demonstrate your skill and knowledge in the engineering field. You must demonstrate the CPD hours you have completed in the past 3 years.
  • Insurance for Professional Indemnity (PII): Applicants must demonstrate that they have the benefit of PI Insurance, which covers them for the period in which they provide engineering work or services.
  • Ethical behavior: Workplace ethics is essential for creating a positive work environment and should be followed by every applicant in their given field.

What is NER Work Experiences Statement?

The purpose of the work experience statement is to demonstrate your skills, knowledge, and capabilities to Engineers Australia. Your work experience statement should be written in such a way that you appear to be the only person who meets the qualification requirements for a specific task or position. Everything should be well-presented and well-organized.

What Are The Eligibility Criteria?

  • The applicant should have appropriate qualifications and experience in the given field.
  • The applicant is required to have at least 5 years of experience in the given field.
  • Members of Engineers Australia and Chartered professionals in every occupational role are eligible for applying for NER Australia.
  • Non-EA members are also eligible if they have at least 5 years of experience.

How To Write NER Work Experience?

NER Work Experiences Statement
  1. Your statement should be in chronological order. This means you must list your work history backward. That is, your most recent job is listed first at the top and your previous position is directly beneath that.
  2. As an applicant, you should have at least 5 years of engineering background. It could be in any field of engineering but you should ensure that it is relevant.
  3. You should demonstrate your skills, roles, and responsibilities. You will be able to demonstrate the skills and knowledge you could offer to EA as an engineer. This will provide them with a thorough understanding of your capabilities and allow them to assess the advantages you could bring to your given field.
  4. Write down your achievements. This could be a plus point as it shows what can achieve not just as an individual but also what you will be able to achieve for your entire team.
  5. You can also write a summary of your past positions.

Should Reference Details Be Included?

Yes, reference details can also be included. You can provide two professional references or referees with engineering degrees with at least five years of experience in the field in which you work. One of the references should come from your current employer, and the other must come from a previous employer if your current job has been with you for less than five years. A professional referee would be someone who can attest to your engineering experience and qualifications. For more information on this, contact us and get free counseling.

You should also include your title, name, organization name, mobile number, and email address. To authenticate the information presented in your work experience statement for Australia, a statutory declaration may be required. You should demonstrate that you have known the referee for at least 12 months. To the best of their knowledge and belief, the person submitting the declaration must affirm that the content of the statement is accurate and true.

What to Include in Key Achievements?

Engineers' key achievements include engineering tasks such as skills, knowledge, and abilities. It could also include projects on which you worked and had recent experiences. Including achievements can demonstrate to EA the value you have brought to past roles and will be looking forward to bringing to your engineering field. Including evidence of your achievements will also give the employer confidence that you should be considered for the position.

Registration and Application fees

  • EA members pay AUD 3,335.50 for registration on the NER and a current membership subscription.
  • Non-members pay AUD 555.50 (GST included) for NER listing for the current fiscal year up to June 30th, plus an additional annual fee of AUD 166.
  • Overseas EA members are charged AUD 305 for NER registration.
  • The annual NER renewal fee is AUD 97 (GST included).
  • The EA members' chartered assessment fee is charged in the same way as the subscription fee for the entire year.


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