Document Checklist for ACS

Document Checklist for ACS

Anyone planning to migrate to Australia to work in Information and Communication Technology must take the skills assessment test. The initial step for the immigrants to apply for a PR in Australia is to go through the ACS skill assessment. Candidate checks the consolidated skill/occupation list(ANZSCO) that matches the right in-demand services in Australia and correlates with their qualifications. Every professional planning to apply for the Australian PR must have all the documents under the ACS skill assessment checklist. So, it is important to understand what ACS means and the document checklist under ACS.


We will discuss some significant aspects that candidates need to consider while preparing for the ACS skills assessment. Candidates must understand the format well before filling out the application. They should remember that they must submit the documents at the exact time with the correct material. If not done correctly, any misleading information can result in a premature outcome of their application. Make sure to submit all the documents under the guidelines of ACS. Candidates need to get a copy of the original certificate, scan them, and convert it into a pdf to upload to the ACS system.

All the documents required for ACS skills assessment are listed below:

Personal identification documents:

  • Passports/Birth Certificate

The candidate must show a full birth certificate for personal identification as ACS lacks the passport showing your photo name and date of birth. They should ensure that the application’s name matches the name in the passport.

  • Resume or curriculum vitae:

Candidates must upload their resume or curriculum vitae to the personal document system.

  • Evidence of name change:

Candidates must send a document for the proof of name change recently done.

Documents of qualification:

Academic background:

Candidates must submit a clear scan copy of the original transcript, award certificate, and a completion letter. Some of the points to be included are:

  1. Title of the degree/ excellence award.
  2. Name the university where the candidate studied/received an award.
  3. The exact date of degree completion.
  4. Details on the studied course and grades/marks for each subject/unit.

Vendor Qualification:

For the verification process, the candidate must provide the Microsoft vendor login credentials documents. After successfully submitting the form, they will ask the candidate to apply for their cisco login credential. The information is advanced in a pdf format.

Experience documents:

Applicants must submit a decent scan copy of the job referral on business letterhead/ a third-party statutory declaration.

Requirements for the work experience documentation are listed below:

  1. Applicants must include the start and end date of the job. If the candidate is still working in the company, the date of application can be mentioned as the end date.
  2. Applicants should give detailed information about the work done and the duties handled during the work period.
  3. Candidates should provide the ACS with weekly working hours and even mention if the work was a part-time or a full-time job.
  4. The candidate must include the nation where he is employed. If the candidate works in the same country, he should mention the time and location of the area.
  5. An author usually signs the Organization letterhead with the name, position, address, and contact number.

Requirements for the third-party statutory declaration

The statutory declaration is provided by third-party colleagues at an executive level indicating their work relationship with the candidate. The document proves that the statement was viewed before the authorized individuals and includes the date and location of the statement.

Payment Evidence

  • Candidate must submit tax records and payment summaries to the Australian computer society.
  • Candidates must submit Payment slips and insurance documents with their names and employers’.
  • The candidate must submit the bank statements with the salary received from the employer.

Some points to follow while submitting the ACS skill assessment documents are:

  1. Integrate the pages as a single document for individual qualification and employment records.
  2. The size of the pdf files should not be more than 3 Mb.
  3. Examine the pdf file to confirm that it is not encrypted and in read-only mode.
  4. Candidates must submit high-quality color scanned documents. (max of 300 dots/inch)
  5. Candidates should upload the file in the online application form.
  6. In scenarios where additional documents are required, the candidate must rename the file to avoid confusion before submission.
  7. English translation is necessary in cases where the original documents are in foreign languages.


How long does it take for the assessment procedure?

According to the guideline, the ACS skill assessment duration is 10-12 weeks. However, in cases where the applicants have a visa deadline of fewer than 12 weeks, they are prioritized for fast processing of the skills assessment.

Are candidates allowed to delete the uploaded files?

Unfortunately, once the document is uploaded candidate cannot edit or delete the file. So, a candidate should be vigilant while finalizing the document submitted to the ACS.

Is IELTS/PTE result required for ACS skill assessment?

No, it is not necessary for ACS skills assessment.

Is resume/CV a mandatory document while applying for ACS skills assessment?

It is good to provide a CV/resume while applying for the ACS skills assessment. If you fail to provide the document, they will ask you to send it via email within 14 days. It is better to upload it along with other documents.


All the documents listed above are crucial while applying for ACS skills assessment. Hence, thoroughly examining all the documents is essential before uploading the file. Even a minor error can lead to the downfall of the project. So, make sure to follow all the guidelines given by the ACS. If you need any help then our expert engineers at CDR Report Writer are there to help you Hopefully, things will work out well for you.