How to write a CDR report for Engineers Australia?

How To Write CDR For Mechanical Engineers

Are you experiencing problems getting your CDR rejected? Do not fear; we are here to help. Our engineering professionals will assist you in creating an ideal CDR. Here are 10 tips from our experts on how to write a CDR that will help you pass your migration skills assessment and prevent CDR rejection. One of […]

Ipenz | KA02 reports for skill assessment

All about KA02 reports for IPENZ skilled Migration In New Zealand, engineers must provide a comprehensive report known as a KA02. Applicants who want to transfer to New Zealand must prepare a professional KA02 report, which is a type of technical report. This process allows applicants to submit their applications, which are then reviewed by […]

How much do Engineers earn in Australia?

A technical problem can be solved cost-effectively by an engineer by using mathematical and scientific principles. To create a finished product, they consider the functional specifications provided by management and the safety mandated by the government. In order to maximize a product’s efficiency for customers, the position also necessitates that engineers play a significant role […]

ACS Skill Assessment Processing Time

The Australian government has implemented many restrictions on individual visas in the past years. Applicants should understand the rules, limitations, and ACS Skill Assessment Processing Time prior to deciding to migrate to Australia. Before submitting an ACS Skill Assessment, you should consult with a licensed migration agency. The information you provide on the online application […]

The Australian Professional Year Program

Australia has some of the best higher education systems in the world. Because of its outstanding universities, creative curriculum, qualified faculty, friendly environment, and wonderful weather all year round, Australia has become a magnet for international students. Unfortunately, many international students who have graduated from various fields are unaware of the Professional Year Program (PYP). […]

What is Competency Standards Stage 2 skill assessment for Chartered Professional?

Professional engineers regarded as talented, creative, and innovative for the growth of a nation are offered charteredship. Being a Chartered Professional Engineer shows a person’s responsibility, experience, talents, and skill in the engineering field. The Competency Standards Stage 2 is defined by Engineers Australia as an assessment parameter for obtaining the Chartered Professional Engineer status. […]

Why is my CDR rejected?

There could be many factors and reasons why your CDR was rejected or could be rejected. Nowadays, the rejection rate is very high compared to the previous number as they check each component of the Career episodes minutely.  Several factors could make an impact on whether your CDR would be positively assessed or negatively assessed. […]

Document Checklist for ACS

Anyone planning to migrate to Australia to work in Information and Communication Technology must take the skills assessment test. The initial step for the immigrants to apply for a PR in Australia is to go through the ACS skill assessment. Candidate checks the consolidated skill/occupation list(ANZSCO) that matches the right in-demand services in Australia and […]