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ACS RPL Report Writing

ACS RPL Report Writing

If you have worked in an ICT profession but do not have an ICT-related academic qualification like a degree, you can apply for the Australian Skilled Migration Visa using an ACS RPL report. The RPL report demonstrates your qualifications and allows you to Migrate to Australia as an ICT professional.

An RPL application is designed to give applicants without formal ICT qualifications the chance to prove they possess an equivalent level of knowledge. To do this, applicants must demonstrate how their acquired knowledge relates to the criteria outlined in the ACS Core Body of Knowledge for ICT Professionals (CBOK). As evidence of their professional experience, two project reports must be submitted with the RPL application. The reports must provide a comprehensive overview of the applicant’s career and clarify how their claimed ICT knowledge has been applied in the workplace.

An ACS RPL report is a skills assessment report conducted by the Australian Computer Society (ACS). It is used to assess the competency and experience of applicants who are seeking migration to Australia. The report provides an evaluation of the applicant’s qualifications, professional experience, and other relevant skills that are deemed to be at par with the Australian ICT industry standards.

Criteria for ACS RPL applicant

The ACS Skill Assessment is a key requirement for applicants wishing to gain an Australian Skilled Migration visa. The assessment encompasses many different qualifications, each with its own set of criteria to be met. It is crucial that the applicant’s experience matches up with the qualification they are applying for.

Candidates who possess at least six years of experience in the relevant service sector can apply to migrate to Australia. However, if you do not have six years of experience, you will need to have a total of eight years of work experience, where two of those years may not be related to the applicable ANZSCO Code.

Other Requirements ( ICT Major criteria )

  • If an applicant has a three-year bachelor’s degree, they will be deemed to have a major in computers as long as at least 33% of the academic qualifications are in information and communication technology. If their qualification is longer than three years, it will be evaluated against an AQF Level 7 award such as a Bachelor’s degree.
  • For a certificate, intermediate diploma, or associate degree with a major in computing, at least 50% of the qualification must be in ICT. These longer-duration qualifications are considered to be equivalent to AQF level 5 or 6 certificates. For a postgraduate degree that does not require a Bachelor with an ICT major for admission, at least 50% of the qualification must be ICT for it to be termed a computing major, and such qualifications are evaluated against an AQF Level 8 or higher certificate.
  • In order for an Australian Postgraduate degree to be considered valid, it must have at least 67 percent ICT content, even if it only has 12 topics.

What Are The Documents Required For ACS RPL?

You will have to provide supporting documents. These can be primary or secondary. Primary evidence includes samples of work, audio recordings, physical evidence, and authentic documents such as birth certificates, transcripts of academic records, commissions, etc. Indirect evidence includes a CV/Resume, recommendations from work, and reviews of work. The process of Recognition of Prior Learning takes around 6 weeks starting from the day you have submitted the documentation that is required. The time span can vary depending on how much time you take to amass evidence of your ability, experience, and education, as well as the level of recognition that is sought for the course of your choice.For complete document checklist read ACS skills assessment checklist.

ACS RPL Report Format

In order to apply for RPL, you must submit two project reports in the ACS RPL Report Format. This format requires you to provide information on your qualifications, work experience, and essential and general ICT knowledge. Additionally, the Project Report must include an account of the projects you have worked on to reflect your proficiency in ICT.

Category 1: The Key Areas of Knowledge

  • Essential ICT Knowledge
  • General ICT Knowledge

Category 2: The RPL Project Report

Reasons For Your ACS RPL Being Rejected

The rejection of your ACS RPL reports might be due to a variety of factors. Plagiarism, lack of experience, and an irrelevant job description could all be possible causes. To avoid plagiarism, make sure that your reports are unique and authentic according to ACS requirements. To meet skill level criteria, you must have a certain number of years of work experience. Additionally, when compiling your job description, pick descriptions that accurately reflect your abilities and work experience as an ICT worker. Otherwise, your RPL Report may be Rejected.

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