ACS Employment reference letter sample and template

ACS Employment Reference Letter Samples and Template 2023

ACS Employment reference letter sample

Are you applying for a skills assessment with the Australian Computer Society (ACS)? One of the essential documents required for your application is an employment reference letter. ACS employment reference letters are as important as RPL reports as they provide evidence of an individual's qualifications and work experience in the ICT industry.

That's where we come in! This article provides a comprehensive guide on writing an employment reference letter, complete with a sample template to make the ACS assessment process easier.

What is the ACS Employment Reference letter?

The ACS Employment Reference Letter is a required document for a skills assessment application with the Australian Computer Society (ACS). This letter, written by a current or former employer, confirms the applicant's employment history, job duties, and ICT-related skills and abilities. To comply with the ACS guidelines, the letter must be written on company letterhead, signed by the employer, and include the employer's contact details.

So, why do you need it?

The employment experience letter shows your employment history and confirms your skills and abilities as an ICT professional. Your skills assessment application may be rejected or delayed without a proper work reference letter.

Who will provide it ?

The employment reference letter should be provided by your current or former employer who knows your employment history and can confirm your skills and abilities as an ICT professional. The letter should be written on company letterhead and signed by the employer.

But, If you're unable to obtain the employment letter, you can provide a statutory declaration instead.

Experience reference letter writing guidelines for ACS

You should follow specific guidelines to ensure the letter is effective and meets the ACS's requirements. These guidelines include the following:

  1. Using the date format DD/MM/YY to indicate the period of employment.
  2. Clearly stating the applicant's position in the designated field of work.
  3. Outlining the tasks and responsibilities that the applicant was given during the job.
  4. Including relevant roles and responsibilities
  5. Demonstrating the number of hours worked per week, based on full-time or part-time employment.
  6. Mentioning the country where the employment took place.
  7. Ensuring the employment reference letter is written on organizational letterhead and signed by an authorized individual. Digital signatures are allowed but must be verifiable.

ACS employment reference letter template

Here’s an best ACS skill assessment work reference letter template for 2023:

[Your full Name]

[Your company address]

[Name of company]

[Your job title]

[Your contact details]


[Salutation/ Greetings]

[Paragraph 1: In the first paragraph, briefly introduce yourself and your relationship with the employee, and state how long they worked for your company.]

[ Paragraph break]

[ Paragraph 2: In the body of the letter, write one to three paragraphs that describe the employee's skills, qualifications, and achievements that make them suitable for the job they are applying for.]

[ Paragraph break]

[Paragraph 3: In the closing paragraph, summarize the employee's strengths and express your confidence that they would excel. Let the recipient know they can contact you with questions or concerns.]


[Your Full Name]

[Contact Information]

Employment reference letter samples for ACS Australia

You can take a look at excellent employment reference samples for different ICT professionals.

Software Engineer Employment Reference

Software Engineer

Network Administrator Work Reference

Network Administrator

Web Developer Employment Reference

Web Developer

System Analyst Work Reference

System Analyst

How do you present your work reference letter for ACS?

You must consider whether you are applying in or outside Australia to submit your reference letter.

Australian Employment

For Australian employment, each work period within Australia must be listed individually in the online application. This includes the date of employment, the job title, and a detailed description of the tasks and responsibilities undertaken.

Employment outside of Australia

For employment outside of Australia, you must document each period of work separately, including the date of hire, job title, and a detailed description of the tasks and responsibilities undertaken.

Unacceptable Scenarios For Acs Work Reference Letter

Concurrent Work

Only one employment period can be recognised if an applicant is employed in two jobs simultaneously.

Not Closely Relevant to the Nominated ANZSCO Field

If the duties mentioned in an employment reference letter are not related to the occupation based on the information provided, the work experience may not be considered acceptable.

Insufficient Documentation

If the provided documentation is insufficient to meet the requirements of skill assessment guidelines, it may fail to meet the assessment standards.

Not Accessible Due to Insufficient Details

It may not be considered acceptable if the documentation does not contain sufficient information for the assessors to make an authentic assessment.

How Can We Help You?

In conclusion, obtaining a well-written ACS Reference Letter is crucial for individuals seeking to migrate to Australia and pursue a career as ICT professionals.

At CDR Report Writer, we understand the importance of having a well-crafted Reference Letter that meets the ACS requirements. We are committed to helping individuals achieve their migration and career goals in Australia. We hope our employment reference letter template, samples and guidelines will provide helpful insights to create a compelling reference letter that enhances your skills assessment.